Yakult Ice Cream: Yay or Nay?

Yakult Ice Cream
Interested in Yakult ice cream? There have been numerous variations of Yakult-inspired beverages – Yakult milktea, Yakult mocktails, and now Yakult ice cream? Would you dare to try? Here, Preview Ph introduces a Yakult-flavored ice cream from Moms Sorbetes. Read: One Vitamin Every Woman Should Be Taking

Yakult Ice Cream by Moms Sorbetes

“If you love cooling down with an ice-cold bottle of Yakult when the temperature rises, this ice cream will be a great pick-me-up on scorching hot days. It has the same tangy, slightly sweet, yogurt-like flavor of Yakult, but with a creamy consistency that’s perfect for dessert. You can make it extra fun by adding your favorite ice cream toppings when you eat!” excerpt from an article by Preview.

Moms Sorbetes, a local ice cream shop, offers fresh handmade ice creams – ‘no junk and real ingredients’ only. Aside from Yakult-flavored ice cream, they also offer Oreo Bits, Cookies and Cream, and Mango Graham.
What’s great about Moms Sorbetes is that Yakult-addicts can get 750mL (almost one liter) of Yakult Ice Cream for Php 145 only. For those interested, Moms Sorbetes is available on Facebook at www.facebook.com /moms.sorbetes.


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