What Is A No Make Up Look?

No Make Up Look

What is a No Make Up look? Bet that made some brows frown, but the ‘no make up’ make up look actually exists. In an article by The Every Girl, it says ‘existential beauty crisis aside, the off duty model, no make up vibes are here to stay’. This ‘no make up’ look, though going against the norm and typical Instagram looks, is basically the bare minimum, and focuses more on the application than the actual number of products.

No Make Up Look

In this ‘no make up’ make up look, skin care is important. One of the primary products utilized here is a hydrating face mask. Then followed by a primer, as it is the easiest way to get a smooth base. A pore filling primer will smooth and fill pores without clogging them. Moreover, an illuminating primer will add ‘that glow’ from within making your skin look healthy and hydrated.

Although this is basically a no make up look, but coverage matters here. For an almost no make up look, avoid using full coverage foundation. Rather, use tinted moisturizers, BB cream, and CC creams. Use a buffing foundation brush or a sponge for this one. Also use lightweight concealer just enough to hide unwanted blemishes.

Cream, cream, and cream. Cream blends everything. It also gives you that natural look. After applying light foundation and concealer, blend a cream bronzer with a damp sponge. Set lightly with a powder bronzer and lock everything in with a setting spray. Also, to get a bit of blush, use a cream blush. Brush up brows and it is up to you to add a light mascara. A lip stain will finish the look.

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