Red Carpet Hairstyle Tips

Red Carpet Hairstyle Tips

Red Carpet Hairstyle: Strict constraints and pre-determined hairstyles are a thing of the past. In the coming season, absolutely everything is allowed. From short to long, to waves and curls – anything is appreciated on the red carpet, even the goofy looks of Lady Gaga and Billy Porter from TV show “Pose”.

Red Carpet Hairstyle

Colors, styles, accessories, the glamor wet look, or Gwen Stefani in the 90s – it’s all front-page worthy on the red carpet. Here are red carpet hairstyle tips from Beauty Press. Read: How Celebrities Maintain Beautiful Hair

The pony is back

Embrace the pony tail but also make space for the fringe – both will be a hit and under the spotlight for a red carpet hairstyle. Short haircuts are on the rise in 2019. Bold people can go one step further and get a cheeky pixie cut. No matter which short haircut you choose, you will certainly reap admiring glances. Another advantage of short hair is the no fuss in the bathroom before going out. Short haircuts are fast blown and styled. Simply work in some styling powder or wax, fix with spray and off you go.

The perfect wave

From big, voluminous Hollywood curls, to defined ringlets, to casual beach waves, there’s something for every hair length and texture – that’s red carpet hairstyle. Anyone who naturally has wavy or curly hair can therefore be happy. While others only manage this effect with a professional curling iron, with natural waves you only need hair foam. This works best after washing into the still damp hair and then blow-dry with the diffuser dry. If you do not have waves or curls, but would like to, you can create curls with a curling iron. These innovative styling devices, most of which are equipped with different attachments and have a flexible temperature setting, help you to create the curly look of your dreams.

Spice up with your life…with color!

While in the last year a lot of emphasis was placed on a natural dyeing technique, welcome the crazy colors again in 2019. Especially fashionable are statement hair colors like extreme blond tones a-lá Khloe Kardashian. But even with copper nuances you hit the right tone. These may, depending on the skin type, even go a bit reddish. Especially nice are tone-on-tone effects, which can best be realized with the balayage technique. To keep the color as long as possible in the hair, it is best to use a color protection shampoo. Now go ahead and dazzle the paparazzi!

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