New Trend: Pretty In Pink

A glamorous yet subtle look can be achieved with minimum amount of products. This would be a fun challenge not only for beginner beauty enthusiasts, but also for experienced makeup artists who love to experiment and bring us the latest trends, such as the ‘no-makeup makeup look’. What you would need for this understated chic look is a soft rouge cheek blush, a bright under-eye concealer and a matte liquid lipstick in a rosy color. This combo is great for a day-to-evening look transformation where you can just apply a little bit of the liquid lipstick on the eye lids and dab with your fingertips to blend out the edges.

A-la 90s

Remember Alicia Silverstone and her cute fashion and makeup ensembles in ‘Clueless’ back in 1995? All that is back in fashion and we are ready for it! You too can rock the pleated skirts, matching jackets and rosy pink eyelids on a school day, or even a date night! The 90s look is characterized by a unique combo between grunge and pastel colors, or sweet and sexy. Incorporate it in the look by applying a graphic liquid eyeliner and a bubblegum gloss on the lips. Go the extra mile by applying a semi-permanent color dye, which doesn’t damage the hair follicle but enhances the strength and softness, leaving hair voluminous!

Regal in rose gold

What’s better than gold? Rose gold, applied in the hair, eye makeup and nails, adding some glitter and shimmer and you will definitely shine. It may get a bit colder in October but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the fun makeup looks. This fall, get yourself a rose gold hair pigment to transform your everyday look. Apply it after gently shampooing the hair -the color stays for a few weeks. For a special date night on the town, apply a nail polish with rose gold glitter particles and finish off with a strong ombre lip – burgundy on the outer corner, and soft pink in the inner parts. Article by Beauty Press.



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