Makeup Tips: You’re Gonna Fall For These

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips: You’re Gonna Fall For These. Take cue from the runway and put some action to your makeup! Bold colors and graphic shapes on the eyes will give you that fashion-forward look you need. Here is an awesome article from Beauty Press to give you the inspiration to get that glamorous look.

Makeup tips: Graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner is the single most important part of the autumn makeup routine! It has always been a huge hit on the magazine pages, on the catwalk and as a key element of street edgy style. It takes different forms and colors and can be easily adapted to all eye shapes – hooded eyes, round or even monolid. It is a fun look, great for parties and for awesome gram pictures.

Start applying the eyeliner as you would usually do – a thin line in the beginning nd slowly extending to the edge. Use liquid eyeliner for best results because it’s more versatile. Having reached the edge of the eye, create or outline a triangle shape close to the lash line. This would be your winged eyeliner.

To create the graphic shapes now, first apply guidelines with an angled brush with dark brown powder or any color that goes with the liquid eyeliner. Connect the shape with the winged eyeliner but this time using liquid product. Experiment by adding different lines and shapes such as a star, thunder or even try recreating the famous Cleopatra under-the-eye graphic look.

Makeup tips: Naturally full brows

Naturally full brows are also quite the trend. Whether you have thick, groomed brows a-la Cara Delevigne or more like those of 60’s fashion icon Twiggy, there is no need to panic! Carefully apply a brow pencil with sharp but short strokes where hairs normally grow. Choose a color lighter than your natural hair color to correspond with the tint of the brows. The great thing is that you can substitute a brow pencil with an eyeliner self-sharpening pencil – the effect will be just as good, and the difference – totally unnoticeable!

Makeup tips: Natural face all around

Accentuate all-natural features of the face with the help of the face-tinted foundation, concealer, or bronzing and blushing powders, to bring back the natural colors of the face. Makeup tips: Freckles, dimples, moles – they are a must-have this fall! Apply a light foundation and erase around those spots with a cue tip to reveal them. Some celebs are even doing it! Remember Megan Markle at her dreamy Royal Wedding to Prince Harry in May? She was rocking her natural freckles and looked effortless and radiant. Read more: How To Choose The Right Makeup

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