Makeup Influencers to Follow in 2020

Makeup Influencers
Makeup influencers, Because why not? In this time and age, influencers are everywhere. Here we, together with Beautypress, reveal the top five Instagram and Youtube makeup influencers that we think are worth following in 2020.

Makeup Influencers: Vlada Haggerty

Vlada is definitely part of our list because she has transformed herself from a makeup artist to an artist in general, selling high-quality art prints of her photography. Her main object is her lips – on Vlada’s Instagram we can see gold dripping, mouth-watering lip designs. Her images have been sold as prints, phone cases, and on different canvases. She is also an advocate for copyrights of artists and has sued big makeup companies for copyright infringement.

Makeup Influencers: Kim Chi

Kim Chi is here to stay and here to slay! The South Korean-American drag queen got his start on RuPaul’s Drag Race and now is a makeup force to be reckon with. His skills are amazing and he can transform himself from a shy boy to a fierce manga character with bright colors and big eyes & wigs. He even launched his own makeup brand Kim Chi Beauty celebrating the beauty and strength of people within LGBT and his own journey as a performer.

Makeup Influencers: Sonya Miro

She is the master of makeup charts. A makeup chart is a piece of paper with a face drawn used by makeup professionals to create different looks. Russia native Sonya has taken that on a whole other level, breathing life into the faces she paints using just makeup. She carries out workshops all over the world spreading the knowledge and skills she has. Sonya’s talents went viral in 2019 when she painted a full face on an egg thus establishing a new trend on Instagram.

Makeup Influencers: Nikki de Jager

We seriously doubt that there is anybody who hasn’t heard of Nikki. She is the most famous Dutch YouTube makeup influencer, having millions of followers. In 2020 she announced that she was transgendered, but hoped that people will still look at her as just Nikki. Her signature look is a bit cakey, full coverage foundation, impeccable eyebrows and eye shadow and a lot of GLOW and highlighter. We stan queen Nikki!

Tyme the Infamous

CEO, boss lady and a master makeup artist & fashion icon. This is how Tyme’s fans would describe her, and so would we! Her crazy makeup looks and colorful wigs have earned her a spot on our list. She usually goes for a non-natural makeup style but she always serves the best and most honest reviews on YouTube, no matter if it’s about Jeffrey Star or Kyle Jenner. The longest eyelashes, the brightest highlighter and the pinkest hair is what you will see on her Instagram. Read: How To Choose The Right Makeup


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