How to WFH in a Crowded House?

How to WFH
How to WFH? Let’s admit it, the work from home option may not be that work conducive. It’s alright if you have your own space at home (a study, for example). But if you have family members invading your working space, work may be a bit hard to do. Here we list down tips on how to make WFH work.

How to WFH?

In an article entitled ‘Five Expert Tips for Working from Home in a Crowded House During the Coronavirus Pandemic’ published on The Conversation, the author lists down ways to make it work.

Creating a workstation. It is imperative to have your own workstation. The article states ‘assigning a workstation to each person gives everyone a sense that they belong in the new shared space, while setting boundaries for personal space’. Moreover, experts say that ‘ergonomics’ is important when working from home, as well as these tips: changing your posture often, putting a pillow on your seat, adding a rolled towel for lumbar support, and elevating your laptop. Read: Health Danger Spots at Home

Other tips from The Conversation article include the following:

  • Designating a work-free zone
  • Taking scheduled breaks
  • Integrating physical and creative activities
  • Establishing a firm quitting time

How to WFH? Making WFH possible is definitely a hard thing to do. Time, meanwhile, also shared an article entitled ‘Five Tips for Staying Productive and Mentally Healthy While You’re Working from Home’. But first things first, according to the article, you should be sitting straight, have breakfast, and have pants on. Here, Time lists its own tips:

  • Finding a comfortable spot to work
  • Having a plan
  • Using digital tools

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