How to Have Fresh Breath

How to Have Fresh Breath
How to have fresh breath? It’s not optional – it’s necessary. Bad breath can be embarrassing, especially when someone points it out to you. Or worse, people talk about your bad breath behind your back. Medical News Today defines halitosis as a common condition caused by the buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Here, Mayo Clinic gives a brief overview of halitosis and how it can be managed.

How to Have Fresh Breath

Mayo Clinic enumerates the causes of bad breath. It may be from food particles in and around your teeth, tobacco products, poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, and medications. More serious causes of bad breath include infections in the mouth, along with nose and throat infections. Gastric conditions may also be a factor.

Treatment of Bad Breath

The Mayo Clinic recommends treatments, home remedies, and lifestyle changes to keep bad breath at bay. If halitosis is brought about by conditions other than hygiene, it is best to address the underlying issue (ENT infections, gastrointestinal disease, etc). Here are the appropriate treatments for bad breath.

Good Dental Hygiene

Of course. It is important to keep a toothbrush and toothpaste handy wherever you go to maintain good dental hygiene, especially when you are out all day at work. Brush your teeth after eating. Use a fluoride-containing toothpaste at least twice a day. Moreover, a toothpaste with antibacterial properties might just do the trick.

Brush Your Tongue

‘Brush your teeth’ might sometimes be taken too literally. It is also important to know that the tongue harbors bacteria, too. Moreover, the Mayo Clinic tells us that ‘people who have coated tongue from a significant over growth of bacteria may benefit from using a tongue scraper. Better yet, use a toothbrush with a built in tongue cleaner.

Avoid Dry Mouth

It is imperative to keep your mouth moist. Avoid tobacco and drink plenty of water – not coffee, carbonated drinks, or alcohol. Moreover, chew gum or suck on candy to stimulate saliva. For those with chronic dry mouth, it is important to pay a visit to the dentist, as an artificial saliva preparation or oral medication may be prescribed. Read: Habits That Boost Your Immune System

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