How to Become Better At Makeup

How to Become Better At Makeup

How to Become Better At Makeup: “It’s really not for me” is a statement too often heard among the ladies who feel like they have no talent whatsoever when it comes to makeup. Well, it’s not that these kinds of statements are not valid but to be a strong independent woman in an increasingly modern and competitive society necessitates that we have to know how to present our best selves. And sometimes, that includes a little concealer and some blush.

How to Become Better At Makeup

Of course, it would be ridiculous and greatly impractical to go to the salon every time you are up for something important (job interviews, first date, etc.). That is why Fabweekly is here to help you up that makeup game of yours and be true, (as Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach puts it) confidently beautiful with a heart.

Step 1: Proper Skin Care

Makeup is art. And just like most branches of art, the artist would be needing a canvas. In this case, the canvas would be no other than your face. Imagine if you were a painter specializing in realism and you were given an irregularly textured canvas with tears and holes here and there. How could you possibly depict realistic art with such a platform? The same is true with makeup.

In order for you to maximize your aesthetic skills, you should have a canvas that is clean and easy to work with. So, although you might think that skincare is not part of makeup, you have the accept the fact that it is. Proper skincare will allow you to have good skin that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your makeup. And although this topic is so broad that it might as well be all in another article by itself, never forget the importance of this step. So go out there, do your research.

Find out what works best for your skin and be diligent as to your skincare routine. Trust me, it is all worth it! Besides, if you have good skin to start with, you won’t be needing that much makeup to look amazing.

Step 2: Know your skin

Now that you have prepped your skin for makeup, it is essential that you should also take some time to study out the skin type you have. This means that you have to determine whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination (this means that some parts of your face are dry and other parts are oily). Having determined your skin type will allow you to look for and buy cosmetics that are suitable for your skin.

Take me for example. I have oily skin. Therefore I try to look for mattifying products so I won’t look like I swam in a sea of oil after a long humid day. If you are on the dryer side of things, there are makeup products with more moisture or oil in them. In addition, you have to figure out and master your skin tone. Finding out the correct foundation shade for your skin is the number one make or break areas in the makeup world.

Step 3: Know what you want

“No makeup” makeup look, “back to school” makeup, “girls’ night out”, “Kylie Jenner’s summer look”. There are probably hundreds of makeup looks out there and you have to take your pick. By now you should have pictured in your mind’s eye what look you want. This way, you would know what kind of makeup to look for and buy.

Step 4: Educate yourself

Gone are the days when baby powder alone saves the day. In order to achieve that awesome makeup you saw from the Instagram goddess or Facebook royalty, you first have to know what each cosmetic product does. You would be more than surprised to see how meticulous and effective each makeup product is when used correctly.

Things like if you want to make your eyes look bigger, draw a white pencil liner along your waterline. If you want to get rid of the pesky dark circles under your eyes, grab that color corrector palette and see it work its magic.

Step 5: Choose wisely

I know that it can be overwhelming to go to the cosmetics store or online shops and see the wide array of products to choose from. But, don’t fret! Makeup is our friend, so instead, be excited that you have such a wide variety of choices. You see, there are probably thousands of kinds of makeup and it would be impossible that not one of them fits you perfectly. However, this does not mean that you have to buy each of them and try them all. Study out the products, read the reviews about them. Read: How To Choose Makeup

If you are on a budget like me, you must realize that in the world of makeup, the general rule is that: the more expensive, the better the quality. BUT, there are truly some reasonably priced products that give the branded ones a run for their money. So once again, choose wisely.

Step 6: Prioritize

Some girls are born with golden hair, silver spoons in their mouths and a pony for birthdays. If you are among them, you are darn lucky, you get to buy all the makeup you want all at the same time. However, for those who need to hustle daily (like me, I feel ya’ ladies), don’t be sad, we may not have everything now, not yet, that is. So while we are still hustlin’, we have to know what products to buy first.

You see, makeup is not a perfect science per se so there are no hard and fast rules about it. But, the truth of the matter is, there are really some rules that can’t be skipped nor broken. Like say, primer. Primer is the product that prepares your face for makeup. It allows easier application of the makeup and helps it stay longer among other things. That is why it is called a primer, because it should come first before everything.

Step 7: Start light

You know how seasoned businessmen always say to greenie entrepreneurs “start small”? That is the same way with makeup. Only that with makeup, you have to “start light”. You see, for almost anything and everything in life, it is always safer to start with baby steps. This way, you wouldn’t have to look at cringe-worthy pictures of yourself and see that time when it looked like a class of preschoolers played crayola on your face. Read: How to determine your skin tone.

So start with just light products for coverage like for example, BB creams. Before you jump right into those sexy vampire red or lush deep plum lip colors, you may want to start with lighter shaded lip tints. Starting light allows you to master your face and helps you figure out what shades work best for you, not to mention that light makeup keeps you looking young and fresh.

Step 8: Experiment! 

Now that you have mastered the art of putting on light makeup, it is safe to assume that by this time you have also figured out which colors suit you and which don’t. I remember, when I was just starting on my makeup game, I realized early on that the color “coral” (which as you may soon find out, is actually a quite common shade of makeup) does not suit me at all. It looks great on the palette, looks great on the model but for goodness’ sake this color on me makes Pennywise from It an eye candy.

So yes, in order for you to enjoy makeup in its entire awesomeness, you have to experiment because makeup on the palette or container would have different effects for different people. And just for a friendly reminder, do the experiments at home. Do not experiment with makeup for important events. You don’t want to weird out a probable employer (or worse, lose a chance at a job) by looking like a drag queen while applying for a corporate position.

Step 9: Listen to others

I know this may sound absurd or something you would hear from a therapy session or what not but trust me, this is just as important as needing a mirror when doing your makeup. So why this? Well, as you know, most makeup enthusiast starters end up feeling so proud once they have done their makeup. So much so that sometimes, whatever supposedly constructive criticisms are given their way, are often dismissed as “bitter remarks” or criticisms clothed with envy.

However, the truth of the matter is, when they tell you there’s something wrong (foundation shade too white, makeup too dark), most often than not, they are right. This is especially true if the remarks came from family and friends who have nothing but love for you. However, if you still find yourself in dilemma and still doubting their opinions, then maybe you can try grabbing your phone, take a selfie under natural light (with no filter of course) and see for yourself. A photograph would sometimes reveal things you cannot see in front of the mirror, such as very obvious contour lines, uneven coverage etc.

Step 10: Practice, practice, practice

This one never gets old nor overused. There is really no better way of improving your makeup skills than relentlessly practicing. The way you apply your foundation and the stroke of your makeup brush constitutes the output. Blending no matter how effortless and random it may look is actually something that needs tons of practice. Just the right amount of blush is the determining factor whether you would look like Athena herself or someone who has been slapped multiple times. More importantly, don’t forget that for each makeup look, different products are being used.

For each kind of makeup, different brands manufacture it in different forms with different textures and consistency. Your technique in applying your brows using a brow pencil would be useless when you put on brows using a brow gel. In addition, there is now an increasing number of makeup tools available. Take advantage of this, practice how to use the tools correctly.

These are but ten steps but if you take this to heart, I promise you, you would eventually achieve that Instagram worthy close up shot you have always longed for. And in case you are not the social media kinda gal, just remember that the right kind of makeup never hurts and may even take you places (may it be up the corporate ladder or the altar.) Who knows?

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