How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair: We’ve seen Hollywood’s brightest stars on the red carpet, off camera, and even on unflattering paparazzi shots. Human as they are, some exhibited a well-maintained mane while some revealed a bedhead frizzy shot. One of the things we frequently notice in celebrities is that they are always changing styles. We see celebrity Kylie Jenner with different hair colors time to time and we can’t help but wonder, how is she taking care of her hair?

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair

We likewise see stars with silky straight hair one day and beach waves on another. The transition to varying hairstyles is almost normal when it comes to the entertainment industry. We can see Lady Gaga with outrageous hairdos event per event and we just can’t help but ponder upon the stylist that has helped her create her do and maintain her locks. We likewise see Katy Perry and her frequent chance in hair color.

Moreover, it seems like Hollywood is filled with celebrities who just do a lot with their hair. How can they possibly keep their hair healthy with the frequent demands in showbiz? Here we scoured on the internet to find celebrity and celebrity stylist secrets to stunning hair. And here’s what we found:

According to Jen Atkin

Jen Atkin is the celebrated hairstylist behind the Kardashian family. She makes sure all the celebrity she works with has gorgeous and stunning hair. Jen has worked with the Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney; Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Lopez. Today, Jen has more than 1.5 million following and has been lauded ‘The Most Influential Hairstylist in the World’ by the New York Times. An addition to her clientele includes Chrissy Teigen, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Celebrities take their hair regimen seriously – is one of the secrets revealed by Jen Atkin. Indeed, looking good is undeniably part of the job description. Celebrities need to dedicate time and effort in their hair care regimen – aside from skin care, working out, and other important tasks. Despite the busy schedule, they need to allocate time for these – thus comes in the multitasking part.

Jen also reveals the importance of taking vitamins. ‘Beauty starts within’ seems like cliché but a healthy body manifests through healthy skin and hair. Supplements ensure scalp health which brings about healthier, thicker hair. Jen has formulated her own line of hair care known as OUAI. Launched in 2016, OUAI promotes well-curated products and supplements to help women achieve healthy hair from the inside out.

Apart from nutrition from the inside, Jen also campaigns for hair care from the outside. She heavily recommends a hair mask for her celebrity clientele during their off days or when they are on vacation. Hair masks using high-quality conditioners help combat damage from frequent hair styling. Jen recommends a hair mask at least once a week. When on a tight schedule, one can put on a hair mask before working out. Braid hair in place to let the conditioner get absorbed into the strands. Moreover, the body’s heat from the workout enhances absorption.

Celebrities color their hair gradually. We’ve seen celebrities wearing a rainbow of colors on their hair. Truth is, coloring hair requires plenty of conditioning and moisturizing. There is no instant way. When Kim K went blonde, it was actually a one-year transition. Another tip from Jen is to always protect hair when styling – may it be styling with a hair iron or coloring your hair. When using a curling or straightening iron, make sure to apply a heat protectant product. Hair oils will protect hair from heat damage and keep hair color vibrant.

What if you’re not frequently styling your hair? Is there any sensible tip I can get from Jen Atkins? Everybody washes their hair. Of course, you dry your hair with a towel. Jen, on the other hand, recommends drying using an old cotton shirt. Wet hair is brittle and is prone to damage when rubbed by the usual bath towel. The fabric in an old cotton shirt, meanwhile, is softer and gentle to your hair.

According to Danilo, Pantene celebrity stylist

We’ve taken tips from Jen Atkins, now what about celebrities own hair care tips? On the other hand, to set things straight, what does healthy hair look like anyway? Can frizzy hair be considered ‘normal’? We’ve seen the likes of Blake Lively, Salma Hayek on a couple of times, and even Anne Hathaway on some roles having frizzy hair. They still look stunning.

Danilo, Pantene celebrity hairstylist who created the looks of distinguished stars Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey and more, reveals that humans are drawn to shiny, bouncy hair – this is the finding from a study made by Pantene on what type of hair is most attractive to the human eye – Shine is big when it comes to attraction.

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair: A dull, lackluster hair does not look inviting. Above all styling, Danilo highlights the importance of healthy hair. “If your hair isn’t healthy, you can’t achieve any style”, according to Danilo. Shine, bounce, and touchability are the basic elements in order to form an ideal foundation.

Hair care tips from the celebrities themselves

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair: According to experts, here are the basic qualities of healthy hair. Healthy hair is determined by its strength, texture, and shine. Here are the basic qualities:

1.) Strength, hair can be stretched 30 percent of its length before it breaks. It is elastic, resilient, and resistant to breakage. What makes hair resilient against breakage is the outer cuticle layer, or outer sheath, that covers each hair strand. Hair is made up of keratin, a form of protein, together with amino acids. Thus, it is important to provide your hair with the protein that it needs.

2.) Texture. Healthy hair is soft to touch and bounce. The secret is the hair cuticle. The cuticle is the outer sheath that absorbs what the hair is exposed to – this includes damage from ironing, blow-drying, hair dyeing, and styling. Moisturizing your hair is important to keep water and moisture in.

3.) Shine. Healthy hair is glossy. The secret behind this is that healthy hair cuticles lay flat on each hair strand and easily reflects light. This, in line, creates a certain sheen. The technique to this is how you dry your hair when it is wet. Avoid drying your hair with a towel as it can roughen the cuticle. Instead, pat dry with a soft absorbent towel.

Alicia Keys

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair: Haircare tips from the celebrities themselves. If there is one celebrity who is known for a rapid changing hairstyle, it would be Alicia Keys. She used to have a variety of braids on her music videos but has lately experimented with more varied styles. We can say Alicia’s natural hair is curly – and she is proud to wear her hair as naturally as it can be.

According to Alicia, she washes her hair every three days. She recommends such as frequent washing can strip the strands of essential natural oils. She also recommends using hair protectant when styling and a moisturizer as often as possible. For regular protection and moisturizing, use a hair tonic without mineral oils or parabens to keep hair moisturized.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair: Catherine is known for her voluminous dark locks that scream gorgeous in all angles. If there is one thing notable in Catherine’s hair, it would be volume. Catherine firmly believes that hydration is key to healthy hair. According to Catherine, she washes her locks with beer. Yes, beer! In actuality, the malt in beer is rich in protein that helps repair and revives damaged hair. Moreover, the sucrose and maltose in beer create the well-needed shimmer! It may sound weird but a beer is actually good for hair. This has been Catherine Zeta-Jones hair care secret for years.

Catherine Middleton

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair: Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is known for her beautiful locks and well-styled hair. The Duchess believes that investing in a high-quality blow dryer is important. According to Richard Ward, Catherine’s stylist, washing greasy hair on a regular basis is good. Moreover, Ward is against using too much hair products as possible. Instead, Ward opts for natural methods such as Argan oil.

To copy Ward’s regimen on Catherine’s hair, simply rub Argan oil in the palm of your hands and apply it onto hair upon flipping it upside down. Argan oil is a proven product that makes hair soft, silky, and shiny. It has been known as the ideal hair conditioner and the treatment of choice for dry hair and split ends. It has been used by top celebrity stylists and is known as Hollywood’s best secret to beautiful hair.

Kate Winslet

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair: This Hollywood actress and Academy Award winner is not only known for her superb acting skills but also for her beautiful blonde hair. Kate’s hair regularly looks moisturized, silky, and just plain stunning. Kate reveals her secret: brushing her hair twice a day and using a mild shampoo. Kate also advocates for the use of hair oil to keep hair moisturized and shiny. She also recommends getting a haircut at least four times a year.

Vanessa Hudgens

How Celebrities Maintain Their Hair: We just can’t help but fall in love with Vanessa in her performance in The Highschool Musical with Zac Efron. Her long dark voluminous locks have gotten countless fans envious of her natural hair. The actress and singer follow a four-step schedule to maintaining her wavy hair. Vanessa washes her hair with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a conditioner with detangling spray. You can follow Vanessa’s hair care regimen by using a scalp cleanser and detangling spray that contains sunflower extracts and rose oil.

It’s a wrap then! Celebrities, despite their fame and all that, still resort to natural methods to keep hair beautiful. Moreover, top stylist such as Richard Ward is minimalist when it comes to the use of commercial hair care products. Moreover, beautiful hair roots down to healthy hair – a product of good nutrition, hydration, and good hair care regimen. Celebrities also teach us that – aside from their changing hairstyles – investing on protection measures for hair is crucial to keep hair from getting damaged.

There are so many factors that can destroy and damage. This includes basic hair regimens such as brushing with a bad brush, hair curling or ironing, hair dyeing, and a lot more. The stars also teach us that one of the most important ways to protect hair is investing in a good quality conditioner and moisturizer. As per Danilo, Pantene celebrity stylist, “If your hair isn’t healthy, you can’t achieve any style”. Read: Supermodel Skin: How Supermodels Keep It Glowing

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