Homemade Beauty Regimen on a Budget

Homemade Beauty Regimen on a Budget
Homemade beauty regimen on a budget: Homemade cosmetic products are nothing short of genius. Yes, the expiration date of homemade products could not compare to store cosmetics, but on the flip side during a financial crisis when money is scarce, they make the perfect solution.

Homemade Beauty Regimen on a Budget

“Throughout history, women have tried some bizarre do-it-yourself beauty treatments. Geishas applied nightingale droppings; English nobility used mercury and puppy urine; Cleopatra reportedly soaked in sour donkey milk. Today, we still want to keep our complexions radiant, smooth, and firm. Fortunately, there’s no need to slap disgusting or potentially deadly ingredients onto your skin. A simple trip to your local grocery store and you’ll have the ingredients to make the most beneficial and budget-friendly facials you can find,” excerpts from an article by WebMD.

Here BeautyPress gives their suggestions on homemade beauty regimens:


During social distancing and quarantine, some people decide to try the “no poo” method – not using shampoo and just rinsing the hair with water or washing the hair more than 5 days apart. If that does not work for you, there is a way to go around frequently washing your hair if you want to maintain a shiny healthy mane. Instead of spending money on dry shampoos filled with chemicals, make your own. It is super simple – use baby powder to absorb the oils on the scalp. If you have dark hair, try cocoa powder. You can even add starch to make it more absorbent. Read: How Celebrities Maintain Beautiful Hair


Sometimes, no matter how often a balm is applied, the crusty lips keep coming back. It is because they need a good exfoliation. Beauty on a budget? Make your own easy lip scrub with just two ingredients – sugar and honey! Want to put some color on the lips? There is a homemade solution even for color cosmetics. To achieve a lipstick type of consistency just mix Vaseline with a blush powder, or if you want to go all-natural – mix it with dried and well-grinded beetroot. Cut the beetroot in small pieces, dry it for 24 hours and then grind it in a food processor. Repeat the process twice to get a nice red powder.


Summer is approaching and what better thing to do than make your own cream deodorant? They are typically more absorbent and long-lasting than spray deodorants or roll on. To make it, just mix coconut oil, starch, baking soda, and for a touch of scent, an essential oil. Keep in the fridge for a longer time.

“For a simple DIY scrub, mix a teaspoon of white sugar, cornmeal, baking soda, or cooled coffee grounds into your daily cleanser. A packet of instant maple brown sugar oatmeal is one of the beauty secrets Cristina Bartolucci, founder of DuWop Cosmetics and celebrity makeup artist, uses to keep her skin soft. She combines a handful of the oatmeal with a few pumps of cleanser in her palm and packs it on her skin. In about 10 minutes, Bartolucci gently scrubs it off. The oats fight irritation while the brown sugar exfoliates,” excerpts from an article by WebMD on homemade beauty regimen.

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