Holiday Gifts Under USD 50 But Still Look Expensive

Holiday Gifts Under USD 50

Holiday Gifts Under USD 50: It’s that time of the year again when the act of exchanging gifts is a norm. With the emergence of online shops, it might be easy finding gifts within the targeted budget. Here, ET Online shares ‘the best holiday gifts under $50 that look only expensive‘.

Holiday Gifts Under USD 50

“Finding a meaningful gift for under $50 can be a real challenge — you want the present to seem personalized and special, but it also can’t look like you’ve raided a drugstore last-minute en route to a holiday party. This is exactly why we did all the internet-shopping for you and rounded up some of the season’s chicest gifts all within a strict $50-or-less budget,” states ET Online in its article ‘the best holiday gifts under $50 that look only expensive’.

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Face Roller

Holiday Gifts Under USD 50: Face rollers look fancy. At the same time, it is every woman’s must have. In an article by Girl Boss, it states, “advocates say that rolling the stones across the skin can drain excess fluids from the face, help skincare products better absorb into the skin, and even combat wrinkles.”

As of date, there’s this fad – Jade rollers. According to Dr. Mary Lupo, in the same article, talks about face rollers,“lymphatic vessels are throughout the body. They do drain fluid in a dependent direction toward the heart and kidneys. Lymphatic vessel damage can result in edema, swelling. You can manually improve lymph flow with massage”. Dr. Lupo is a board certified dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine.

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Lip Balm Set

Because why not? Because women can’t get enough lip balms? The Derm Reviews talks about lip balms, “applying lip balm daily is important for overall lip health because the skin on the lips is like none other on your body. It has no sebaceous glands, which means that it cannot make its own oils to keep it moisturized. It also has no melanin, which gives it no natural protection from the sun. The skin on the lips is also much finer than the skin that covers the rest of the body, which is why it can become chapped and peels so easily. Using lip balm is an effective factor in overall lip health and should be taken seriously as a way to prevent unnecessary sores or infections.” And talk about lip balm sets – it is sold as a set and it is not that expensive!

ET Online was able to enumerate a number of products but we trimmed it down to two and added some of our own ideas. Here are our picks:

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Bag Organizer

Every woman knows how it is painstakingly stressful to fish out items from a bag. “Items commonly found in a woman’s handbag are as follows. Take a deep breath if you’re reading this out loud: keys, cell phone, wallet, credit cards, store cards, other cards, cash, receipts, make-up, mirror, hairbrush, comb, hair accessories, nail file, tweezers. It might have perfume, deodorant, lip balm, jewelry, glasses, sunglasses, sunscreen, medicines, band-aids, dental floss, hand sanitizer, safety pins, sewing kit, tissues,” in an article by Sixty and Me.

“And don’t forget a notebook, pen, water bottle, flashlight, USB flash drive, portable music player, headphones, mints, and various kinds of munchies. Extra items may be added according to need, such as an umbrella, magazine, book, eBook reader, hat, scarf, or gloves. You can add your own favourites to this list,” adds the author. Read: Self Care Tips for the New You

I guess we can all agree this is 100% correct right?

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Tea Gift Basket

Every woman needs to have the quiet and calm moment – just to breathe, stay calm, and keep calm. With the chaotic world – can we mention men, oh this is not a feminist website – we all need that cup of calming tea. The website Heavy shares, “there’s nothing quite as cozy on a chilly day as a nice hot cup of tea. Whether loose leaf or bags, sorted by green, black, or herbal, the gift of tea is always a warm and welcome holiday present”.

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