Health Danger Spots at Home

Health Danger Spots at Home
Health danger spots at home. With the advent of the coronavirus disease, it is important to steer clear of any means that will invite the virus into your home. Here, an article by Best Life details the danger spots at home.

Health danger spots at home

These spots need constant disinfecting, with a reliable disinfectant/cleaner, to rid your home of deadly pathogens. Read: One Vitamin Every Woman Should Be Taking.

Your Front Doorknob. According to Enchanta Jenkins, MD, MHA, FACOG, doorknobs are one of the most frequently contaminated surfaces at home. Moreover, a 2016 study conducted at Worcester Polytechnic Institute revealed that 1,323 bacterial colonies, including mold and fungus, are present on a sample of just 27 doorknobs. Although the coronavirus can only survive up to three days on non-copper metal surfaces (in a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine), still, constant disinfecting is necessary.

Your Desk and Keyboard. Of course. Your desk and keyboard are perhaps one of the most used in your home. In a 2018 study published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 96% of keyboards swabbed tested positive for organisms including staph and strep bacteria as well as yeast and mold.

Your Kitchen Sink. Yes, you wash your hands there but without regular sanitizing of your kitchen sink, it may become a breeding ground for pathogens. In a 2011 report from the public health and safety organization NSF, 45% of kitchen sinks tested positive for coliform bacteria (which may indicate fecal contamination – ew!)

These are just some of the danger spots at home but it is imperative to know that most-frequented areas at home are the most vulnerable. It is important to keep disinfectants/sanitizing agents in stock at home. Moreover, keep cleaning and disinfecting a habit, especially in this COVID era. Stay safe!

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