Hair Trends this 2020

Trends come and go but these staples are here to stay. BeautyPress shares the best hair trends of 2020 and as mentioned, these trends are helpful in day to day routine involving our crowning glory.

Invest in dry shampoo. Many people give importance to washing their hair daily. However, it is not always necessary. Dry shampoo can be a good alternative. After sports or between washes, dry shampoo cleans the hair and makes a good base for styling due to its fine powder content.

A twist on beach waves. The aim is tousled and not too wavy, parted at the side. To get the look, do it the day after you wash your hair; otherwise, it makes it harder for the style to last all day. Use a curl barrel iron to create loose waves –Then brush it out to make it an almost curl but not quite. The same was also popular on the Paris FROW with models at Thierry Mugler, but this time it was all about the sleek blow-dry. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower, finishing off with a cold blast of water. This will close off cuticles and make for a smoother finish. Take hair into sections and spray with a volumizing spray to get the best result. Using a rounded barrel brush, blow-dry the hair in sections.

Sleek parting. Using frizz taming products and smoothing shampoo and conditioners will get you far here. Again, a blast of cold water at the end of your shower will work wonders for post-shower styling. Use the same drying technique as the Thierry Mugler look, but opting for a smoothing styling balm or foam instead of volumizing. Then run straightening irons through your blowdry, finishing off with a shine spritz for a glossy, healthy look. Easy, effortless, undone – slick back hair at the roots with mousse and tucked behind the ears. Again, hair doesn’t have to be freshly washed to get the most out of the look – simply comb the mousse through with a web comb and finish with hairspray.

Ponytails are back. Because who doesn’t want a fuss-free do? Easy to achieve and saves time in the morning, slicked-back up-do can take you from the office run to drinks with the girls in the evening. Your hair doesn’t even have to be freshly washed! Simply spray some dry shampoo and massage into the roots, massage the product in and comb it out. Oscar de la Renta went for a high up everything scraped back pony – secured with a hair tie and finished off with hairspray. Mulberry on the other hand took it down low, slicked back softly and cleanly with a middle parting – comfortable but classy.

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