Grow a 12-Inch Boyfriend

Grow a Boyfriend: Sick and tired of dating the wrong men? How about purchasing your own? Here Forum Novelties introduces their one-of-a-kind “Grow a Boyfriend” product. The ‘Grow a Boyfriend’ is a 2-inch replica of a man that “grows up to six times its size” (approximately 12 inches) when soaked in water.

“It’s not pretend when you grow the perfect friend,” says the ad on Amazon. When soaked in water, it will begin to grow in two hours and will reach its full size in 72 hours. And if you’re tired of him, simply dry him out and he’ll go back to its 2-inch frame.

“Drop me in water for a lover that’s made to order,” says in its packaging, “if you can’t get a date then grow the perfect mate!” it adds. On Amazon, the product costs $ 5.99 + no import fees deposit and $ 12.81 shipping to the Philippines. Read more: Philippines Now Has Anti-Hangover Pills

Grow a Boyfriend reviews:

“I bought this “boyfriend” for my older sister who could use one. It is quite small in the package, maybe 4″ tall. It is supposed to grow big in water. Well, we did everything right (It’s not rocket science) and my sister’s new boyfriend only grew a few inches. He was bloated and slimy too. Hey, I tried! This is a fun novelty but I have seen other similar items grow a lot more due to their sponge effect. I really don’t think this is worth the money.” – Patty, review of Grow a Boyfriend on Amazon.

“I used this as a gag gift in a white elephant gift exchange. The best part was that my 17-year-old nephew ended up getting it. It was hilarious! The best part is that he played along and for days would be in search of his boyfriend and accusing people of stealing it. I never did get to see it actually grow but the idea alone was a hit.” – TheWazzer27, review of Grow a Boyfriend on Amazon.

“I asked my best friend what she wanted for xmas and she said a boyfriend so I got her this guy… It was just a little gag gift but it made her laugh and it’s cool that you can keep regrowing it!” – KB, review of Grow a Boyfriend on Amazon.

“I bought these for my friend and he finally grew a boyfriend! I’m so happy for him!!! Thanks for all the help, Now he can bring him to the bar on the weekends and not get hit on!!” – Helen, review of Grow a Boyfriend on Amazon.

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