Good Morning Facemask: Limited Edition

Good Morning Facemask
Care for a Good Morning facemask? One of the country’s most used towel is the ‘Good Morning’ towel, a handy white towel adorned with Chinese characters and an iconic ‘Good Morning’ greeting. An article by Top Gear Philippines details the history of the famous towel.

Good Morning Facemask

Good Morning Towel, or GMT, is a utilitarian object used to wipe off sweat from someone’s brow, or basically any other surface that needs wiping – begins an article published by Top Gear Philippines. The towel was spawned in the early 1920s, as a staple for folks in Singapore. It is often seen draped over the shoulders of rickshaw pullers and laborers. Moreover, it has become a symbol of hard work.

Just recently, an interesting twist was given to the iconic towel. Due to the public health condition, the towel was transformed into a limited-edition facemask. It is designed by Vanilla Arucan for Salay Handmade – and it is made from washable handmade abaca fiber. Read: Danger Spots at Home

The facemask costs Php 250 and is available at

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