Filipinta: An Indie Beauty Brand


Filipinta: Indie beauty brand. Nothing compares to Filipino ingenuity. Aside from local crafts and products, the makers behind the brand aim to promote Filipino culture through cosmetics. It was spawned to inspire a love for ‘local’ as an ‘Indie beauty brand’ for Filipinas to enjoy. Read: Scout Beauty: Your Own Brand of Beauty

Filipinta: Indie Beauty Brand

Filipinta’s flagship collection composed of an eyeshadow palette and two shades of nude lip glosses. The brand is a portmanteau of “Filipina” and “pinta” which, when loosely translated, means “face paint for Filipinas”. It was designed to encourage Filipinas to embrace modern makeup looks as well as cultivate an appreciation for our local culture.

Diwata Collection

It’s first collection is called “Diwata”, an ode to the colorful native mythical stories and creatures. An inclusive collection, the eyeshadow palette features highly pigmented soft matte browns, bright oranges, and forest greens that were curated to complement the diverse skin colors of Filipinas. There are also jelly shimmers in deep green and bronze that breathe an ethereal effect to the color palette. To seal the whole line, Filipinta offers two shades of lip glosses called “Maria Cacao,” a deep brown nude metallic shade and “Maria Makiling”, a dusty nude pink color.

Kabal Collection

It is said that there is a talisman so powerful it makes one immune to danger and ultimately makes a person invincible. The anting-anting, or agimat, as it is called, is the inspiration for Filipinta Beauty’s new palette, Kabal. This limited edition 4 piece palette features shades that are striking yet simple, bold yet wearable and in a size portable enough to put in your pocket. Be empowered with this palette that is inspired by the ancient forces that protect and safeguard warriors. Let Kabal’s classic colors make you stronger as you face challenges of different kinds every day.

Lip products include the following: Isla Collection, Iskrambol, Pag-ibig Collection, Pinta Tinta, Maria Cacao, and Maria Makiling. To know more about the brand, visit the official website,

About the creators. Behind Filipinta are New York based visual artist and indie singer Hana ACBD; former model Jasel Donato and TV celebrity and host Joyce Pring. Aside from having a penchant for cosmetics, the three high school best friends created the brand to promote the distinctive Philippine culture through beauty.

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