Best Haircuts this 2021 According to Stylists

Best Haircuts this 2021

What are the best haircuts this 2021? According to an article published in Preview, here are cuts that are best for 2021 as recommended by hairstylists in the country. Professional hairstylists Alex Carbonell, Lourd Ramos, Junie Sierra, and Joe Almakdesi shared their thoughts on trendy hairstyles this 2021.

Best Haircuts this 2021: Modern Shag

“Inner cuts and inner layers produce feather-y ends, and the backcombing technique is executed for jagged texture. The thinner the texture, the wilder the shag,” states Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell.

A ‘shag’ is described as a style that has been layered at different lengths. Most of the time layers are feathered at the top and sides, making the hair full at the crown. This unisex hairstyle has been worn by celebrities David Bowie, Jane Fonda, and even Jennifer Aniston (calling it ‘the Rachel’ hairstyle).

Best Haircuts this 2021: Precision Bobs

Lourd Ramos of Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon recommends a short bob like Beth Harmon from Netflix hit ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. Alex suggests a square, box layered bob to emphasize your jawline.

A ‘bob’, also known as a ‘bob cut’ is a short to medium length haircut with hair cut straight around the head at jaw-level, often with a fringe at the front (bangs). The standard bob is normally cut between or just below the tip of the ears.

Best Haircuts this 2021: Disconnected Mullet

Mullets are making a comeback, according to both Junie and Alex. Moreover, Alex elaborates that the disconnected style with undercuts, overlays, and an asymmetrical look are a hit for this year, and it’s a haircut that will also look good on men. Read: How Celebrities Maintain Beautiful Hair

A mullet is a type of hairstyle wherein the hair is short at the front and sides, but long at the back.

What do you think about these comeback trends?


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