Best Hair Removal Products to the Rescue

Best Hair Removal Products
What are the best hair removal products? Can’t book an appointment because of lockdown? Or perhaps, the new normal is just too much? Here we list hair removal products to the rescue that can help you feel fresh, clean, and hair-free. In this article, some of the items are sourced from an article published by Preview. Read: Take Care Of Your Skin

Best Hair Removal Products

Veet Hair Removal Cream. Veet offers a wide range of hair removal products. This includes wax strips, creams, and even electric trimmer. Veet products are specially formulated hair removal solutions that can help users achieve salon results in the comfort of their own home. Hair removal cream is a quick and pain-free way to say goodbye to unwanted hair. Veet’s formula weakens the hair so it easily breaks loose from the skin. Wax Strips, meanwhile, are the recommended option to achieve long-lasting results. What’s more, with regular waxing, hairs will grow back fewer, finer, and softer.

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Be Kind Eyebrow Hair Remover. Be Kind Eyebrow Hair Remover is an everyday maintenance tool to be used in between regular eyebrow wax or threading appointments. It features a precision tip that removes even the smallest hairs; pain-free remover can be gently massaged over the desired area like an eraser; the perfectly balanced tool is easy to hold; gentle on all skin types; built-in LED light provides added visibility; discreet and portable use it anytime and anywhere. However, this product is not recommended for shaping your eyebrows.

Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Trial Kit. Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Trial Kit is a hypoallergenic, water-soluble sugaring wax that removes hair and lightens the skin underneath. It is an all-natural hair removal kit eliminates unwanted hair from the roots; easy-to-use formula requires no heating and is 50% less painful than ordinary wax; works to exfoliate by stripping off dead skin; helps lighten dark areas with calamansi extract; moisturizes and nourishes skin with honey; hair regrowth (within 2 to 4 weeks) is noticeably finer and softer.

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